Innovation in INTERCENTROS

/Innovation in INTERCENTROS

In 2005, the team of HETEL ICT (Information and Communications Technology) facilitators had the original idea of applying ICTs and new teaching methodologies to practical cases developed in the various Vocational Training schools, with the aim of adapting traditional training to the new times.

In 2006, the mechanical departments of several HETEL schools accepted a proposal by the team of ICT facilitators and launched the Diseinua and Fabrikazioa projects. These consisted in posing a challenge to the Design in Mechanical Manufacturing students so that, the following year, the Programming of production in Mechanical Manufacture students could manufacture what their colleagues had designed the previous year and get it to work. The groups of students work and collaborate from different locations or HETEL schools participating in the project.

A couple of years later the system is similar but the tools used are changing; GoogleDrive instead of Moodle, Hangouts and Skype instead of the room videoconferencing, Whatsapp instead of e-mail… The projects are also changing, the focus has turned on innovation and creativity, which are the fundamental basis of the project. Once, projects were very mechanical, they started with tools and clamps. In the year 2014-2015 the challenge to be solved by the students working together was the design of the fuselage of a drone. The challenge for the students was that many did not know what a drone was and even less how the electronics work and, to design the fuselage, they had to take into account the motors, circuit boards, circuits, cables and so on.

The students were given the challenge in English and some groups submitted their reports or at least part of their reports also in English.

Another new aspect was the use of 3D printers to prototype the designed product.

The HETEL schools participating in the Diseinua project were Egibide (Diocesanas), Egibide (Jesús Obrero), Maristak, Txorierri, Salesianos Deusto and La Salle Berrozpe. In addition to the HETEL schools, the Instituto Técnico Industrial school in Miranda de Ebro also participated in the project.

In the year 2015-2016, the students taking part in another INTERCENTROS project, in the field of mechanical manufacturing this time, called INTERCENTROS FABRIKAZIOA, built the actual drone. In this project, the participating HETEL schools were Egibide (Diocesanas), Egibide (Jesús Obrero), La Salle Berrozpe, Salesianos Deusto, UGLE, Oteiza and Irungo La Salle.  Along with these HETEL schools, the ETP Safa San Luis school in Puerto de Santa María was also involved.

In this video you can see how the drone was made, using the design done by the students the year before. Good job!

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