Challenge accomplished!

/Challenge accomplished!

As we have been telling you in this section “what is going on in e-MOTIVE?”, from November last year 6 students from the Basque Country and 7 students from Italy have been working together, from their respective schools, to design a wind turbine.

Under the supervision of their corresponding teachers from La Salle Berrozpe (ES), Egibide (ES) and ITS Maker (IT), the students have been using different ICT tools to communicate with each other and to carry out their work as a team.

It has been a hard work both for the students and the teachers, as they had to dedicate extra time, they had to cope with communication difficulties, they had to make changes in the organization of the classes and they needed to overcome the fact of being physically separated to make a successful project. We will not lie, it has been really challenging!

Despite of it, the students were able to finish the challenge, design the wind turbine and even print a prototype using a 3D printer.

For the final presentation and evaluation of the work done by the students, the Italian ones and their teacher came to Spain last week. During that time, they finished the work with their peers here and presented their results to the teachers. They also had time to visit a company, Uribesalgo, dedicated to mechanical manufacturing and design (maybe a place they could work in the future!), visit the Guggenheim Museum and the old Cathedral of Vitoria and share their feelings about their participation in the project.

It has been the first time for the teachers, the students and the project partners working in such a way. It has been challenging, demanding and we have learnt some valuable lessons. But it has also been satisfactory, so we will keep working to improve!

And here you can download the Programme Visit to the Basque Country

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