Starting the virtual Mobility

/Starting the virtual Mobility

imagen2On Monday 21/11/2016 the students and teachers participating in e-MOTIVE met on-line for the presentation of the challenge the first ones will need to solve working on-line in mixed groups Italian-Spanish students.

The technical characteristics of the challenge as well as the evaluation and follow up procedures the teachers will use were presented to the 13 students, who will need to design a wind turbine.

The groups will be composed as follows:

Team 1
Samuele Beltrami Ricardo Linares
Federico Montecchi Alba Rodriguez
Lorenzo Carta Ruben Zuazo


Team 2
Federico DeMaria Iker Borde
Giacomo Soavi Jon Ander Alonso
Badr Merselmiz Ander Cambero
Alessandro Leoncini

The students (and teachers) will dedicate the three last hours of class each Tuesday to work in the challenge “in situ” but the rest of the time will be working together using on line tools gaining this way a real virtual mobility experience, part of the strategy of “internationalization at home” of the participating schools. In February, the Italian students will come to the Basque Country to present their proposal for a solution together with their Spanish peers. This presentation (as well as the whole work developed) will be evaluated by the teachers and integrated in the final qualification of the students.

The documents used for the description and presentation of the challenge can be consulted here:




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